It is purpose-built, in collaboration with our government collaborators and venture capital partners, as a venture building incubator, to take your company to the next milestones of growth and valuation.


    We are ready to scale your export-ready company into

    The European Union, and beyond!


    The House of MedTech is inviting Seed to Series A pioneers to participate in a soft landing initiative that aims to make strategic business connections between MedTech companies and qualified Luxembourg and European healthcare operators.


    Supercharge your growth and ensure you hit the ground running with a 100% digital Luxembourg medtech incubation partner that is located in the hub of the European healthcare ecosystems, with a deeply experienced team of expert navigators that will help you to increase brand awareness, market share, and access to capital.




    A maximum of 20 Pioneers will be accepted into this program in 2021.

    Please submit your information to your government contacts for grants and reimbursement.





    Connect 100% digitally to our program, from where ever you are located in the world and leverage the world's Expert Entrepreneurs as your partners to hit the road running in Europe. We measure ourselves by outcomes not just activities!




    3 month personalized Land and Expand Immersion Program & 6 month Incubation Coaching Program.


    Pay to Play

    4K euros per month - Zero Equity





    Build your European GTM plan and fundraising roadmap with expert mentors and connect with the world's expert medtech entrepreneurs. Tap our global community of founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists.











  • What We Do

    House of MedTech 2021

    Luxembourg Calling


    The House of MedTech is inviting MedTech and digital healthcare pioneers to participate in a soft landing initiative that ultimately aims to make strategic business connections between scale-up companies, qualified Luxembourg research institutes, and European healthcare operators.


    Supercharge your growth and ensure you hit the ground running with a 100% digital business partner that is the only English speaking hub, located in the hub of the European ecosystem, with a deeply experienced team of navigators that will help you to accelerate your regulatory pathway, reimbursement, increase brand awareness and market share, and access to non-dilutive and smart capital, in the European market.


    A cohort of 10-20 companies is selected every six months to be incubated in the House of MedTech in our 9 month Luxembourg Calling Program.

    3 months intensive + 6-month immersion


    What's in it for your Company?

    1. 100% Digital Export Program with R3i Funding virtual Deal Desk and RuntheWorld Investor Networking
    2. Access to the House of MedTech Chief Navigators with specialist and market knowledge to help you establish a Luxembourg presence, connect to the clinical research community, and grow your export markets.
    3. Tap a cost-effective way to secure European healthcare market access, an expedient regulatory pathway, and direct healthcare economics, reimbursement, and clinical feedback on your selected products or services.
    4. Soft land for a European HQ footprint in the Luxembourg ecosystem, with a view to rapidly accelerating that success to a broader and larger European market on the back of non-dilutive capital, and enjoy the relative ease of doing business in a market that speaks English as one of its primary languages on the Continent.
    5. Create increased brand awareness and opportunities for business expansion via our social marketing engines and PR program.
    6. Raise venture capital and extend your runway in one of the world's most significant non-dilutive funding pathways and healthcare and responsible investment ecosystems on the Continent.


    Selection Criteria


    • Demonstrated export capability and the ability to comply with GDPR and data sovereignty.

    • An established early-stage clinical study track record now seeking regulatory pathway for CE mark.

    • MedTech and Digital Healthcare competencies that are uniquely differentiated and price competitive for the European market.

    • A high-quality marketing, communications and dissemination program for market access.

    Cohort companies are selected if they are ready to scale their companies into the European Union and have traction in their home market, with a sound demonstration of market demand from export markets. Successful applicants are likely to be research grant funded or sweat equity funded on the back of strong domestic clinical engagement or have already raised angel funding or previous venture capital investments from angels, foundations, family offices or VCs.


    Program Structure


    Cohort startups are paired with a Chief Navigator and go through a 3-month intensive land and expand program followed by a 6-month market and funding immersion. Companies are given a tailored program that aligns to their strategic objectives of connecting to market and capital and receives guided access to the R3I Ventures global community. Companies are connected at the highest levels of corporations to design strategic alliances, partnerships, and direct sales.

    Chief Navigators work hand-in-hand to support Cohort companies with a personalized program designed in 6 phases:

    • Play to Win - Experience a complete market and strategy immersion to determine where you can win, setup, and cement traction in your target audiences.
    • Customer Experience Strategy: This includes re/defining/refining the desired customer experience, adapting the product design, and go-to-market for a capital-efficient growth strategy with meaningful competitive moats and scale.
    • Pitching - Practice with Silicon Valley's finest and hone your pitch for new channels/customers / new hires and venture capital.
    • Team-building: Use our Fingerprint for Success platform to coach, edit, and expand your team for European market access and scale. Identify and secure key candidates for advisory boards and new market hires
    • Market Access: using the extensive House of MedTech international network, the House of MedTech can make introductions to influencers and key buyers in just about any industry in Europe, to demonstrate market traction and not leave money on the table.
    • Deal Desk - the House of MedTech has extensive access to venture capital and institutional fund managers, and have curated pathways of up to 15M euros in non-dilutive funding for scale. Participants on the program curate with our R3i deal-desk and European grant team on a targeted list of smart money funders to accelerate the runway.




    Starting with our Spring 2021 Cohort, The House of MedTech has launched its inaugural Luxembourg calling program as a Digital Program permanently designed to enable Founders to thrive in a friction-free and digital economy. We invite Scaleups to participate remotely from all over the world.


    These companies will continue to have the same high number of opportunities to network with investors, advisors, and to build community with fellow cohort members during this period than they would if they would permanently be based on the ground in Luxembourg. Package options are available for domestic hires, for colocation, to substantiate grant funding substance rules.




    Founders have told us that they do not want to dilute for in-market immersion and expansion programs, which is why this program is equity-free as a Pay for Play Program. Founders First. Seek up to 100% reimbursement from your Government's Export Development Programs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of companies are you looking for? Can I still apply if my startup does not meet your exact requirements?

    Primarily, we are looking for growth-stage MedTech startups from all around the world that have an interest in the European market using Luxembourg as an initial launchpad. We welcome and encourage all interested MedTech startups to apply. We will assess every application with inclusivity and independence. As signatories to the billion-dollar fund for women, we actively screen diverse founders into the portfolio.


    Do you invest in the participating startups of this program?

    This is an equity-free pay for play program. We do not promise investment in the participating startups of this program. This program is fundamentally a market access program and investment is not the primary objective. However, we do run an R3i Deal desk whose purpose it is to actively connect you to capital and to non-dilutive funding resources across the EU.


    However, we understand that fund-raising is a long process and this could happen after the program ends. Therefore, we provide opportunities for our incubated companies to connect and network with key stakeholders in the government funding ecosystem, family offices, and the venture capital industry through our many events and activities. Each opportunity is a chance to participate in deeper due-diligence and to start building a longer-term relationship with potential funding partners and investors. A deal-desk run by the team at R3i Capital provides active venture funding acceleration and support.


    Why are there program fees to participate?


    We appreciate that in the early stages, every dollar counts and that founder can have other competing cashflow priorities. While our competitor's programs may offer cash up front, they often take large slices of your precious equity for next to minimal valuations, which often destroys value in the company, and then still ask you to give the funds back to pay for their programs. We don't agree that's fair. This is why we are a straight fee for service. In many cases, the related expense can even be recouped under your home Government's export program.


    Your Program fees of 4K euros per month help us cover the basic costs of running the program. R3i do not look to profit from this program at all. Rather it is priced for our founders at the equivalent cost of a junior marketing person in-country, and instead, the founder receives the full weight and benefit of our seasoned team, including our international networks, resources, and capabilities, and non-dilutive and dilutive funding channels. This also includes program costs such as platform and software subscriptions, navigator and program staff salaries, mentor fees, program, and founder marketing campaigns, digital events, digital learning on demand, and market access and business development costs. 


    We also believe that if you are serious about your company's international expansion, a token of your own skin in the game also ties you to your program ambitions and focus on execution.


    Collaborating Venture Capital firms and Government agencies, see a purpose-built platform for their export-ready portfolio companies seeking that expert advisory board and incubation support, to reach the next level of valuation and funding access through cross-border scale, and an appropriate support package to land and expand effectively.


    Do I have to be present for the entire duration of the program?

    Whilst we encourage startups and their founders to fully participate in the entire program, we understand that scaleup companies often have immediate business needs and obligations to address. It is a requirement that at least one (1) founder attends the program in its entirety, but the program is designed around your firm's needs, so you have the opportunity to outline your availability. 


    That being said, most masterclasses by mentors and events such as roundtables, panels, and speaker sessions will not be recorded in order to allow better interactions with the speakers and participants. If you are not present, you will most likely miss out on important content and have the ability to ask questions. Therefore, we highly encourage you to participate as fully as possible.


    Are flights and accommodation provided for participants?

    This is a no carbon incubator and accelerator program. Given COVID19, this program is designed to be entirely digital. From setting down roots in Luxembourg to opening your office and taking on your first clients/partners.


    How many team members can participate in the program?

    Typically, a startup would send a minimum of 2 participants to the program. This should include the participation of at least 1 of the co-founders and its regional market head responsible for the success of the European subsidiary. 


    The HOUSE OF MEDTECH operates on an entirely digital operating platform. We currently allow up to 5 (“five”) participants per startup. If you should require additional virtual desk space or would like to involve more participants from your startup, kindly let us know.


    What does the curriculum look like? What does a typical day look like?

    A workshop is held each month with a support assignment


    Who are the Navigators who will work with me?

    The HOUSE OF MEDTECH is a global community of responsible investors, serial entrepreneurs and founders, pioneers, thinkers and doers, logical pragmatists and intuitive visionaries, experts and generalists, and bright lights that, together, thrive on transformation rather than incremental change. Our global team combines seasoned track records and lessons learned, with passion, creativity, and dedication to help you to accelerate your products and services into the hands of your target partners and customers. We will provide targeted market and industry-specific advice based on your business objectives and priorities. Navigators and mentors are selected in order to provide unique value and contribution to your specific business.


    Should I apply again if I was previously rejected?

    Absolutely. This program has been designed specifically to support early-stage MedTech companies in various funding and product development research stages. HOUSE OF MEDTECH will run 2 (“two”) cohorts each year, and even if you are not accepted to the current cohort, we encourage you to apply for future opportunities.


    What happens after the program?

    Once you join any of the HOUSE OF MEDTECH programs, you will always be part of the HOUSE OF MEDTECH and R3i Ventures alumni. The relationships and connections built are designed to be the platform that lasts for a lifetime.


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