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R3i Ventures Launches House of MedTech in Luxembourg


House of MedTech provides accelerated digital health and MedTech commercialisation pathway between Singapore and Luxembourg. It makes a measurable contribution to transforming societies and healthcare worldwide.

R3i Ventures announces the launch of the House of MedTech in Luxembourg. The House of MedTech provides a fast track acceleration and commercialization pathway for Companies ready for scale, from the Asia Pacific to Europe to the US, through its bases in Singapore, Luxembourg and Silicon Valley.

"Today it takes ~17 years to take a MedTech device from invention to clinical use", says R3i Ventures General Partner, Leesa Soulodre. With private health and life insurance costs on the rise globally and global shocks to supply chains, our pioneers are playing an active role in the digital transformation of healthcare, working closely with payers, industry and governments on personalised medicine, and the transition to value-based care."

R3i Ventures Founder Leesa Soulodre

The House of MedTech is built on Compass, an Ai driven digital fabric, developed in collaboration with UCSF Health Hub, staged across Europe's research institutions. Designed over 18 months, with guidance from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy and LuxInnovation, and inputs from a global network of industry stakeholders, it connects global healthcare visionaries with the talent, know-how, and access to capital and Incubation, to scale their breakthrough innovations for impact.

R3i is actively seeking export-ready companies with proven clinical studies in their home markets. Solutions that actively reduce the burden of hospitalization, over-hospitalization, or rehospitalization, improve patient outcomes and save lives; and deliver efficiencies and transparency into the global healthcare value chain, are the priority.

For those selected, the House of MedTech delivers a no equity, personalised 3-month land and expand intensive program, with a 6-month follow on in-market and capital focused incubation program. Founders are selected from across personalised diagnostics, digital health, medical devices and tools, neurotech, digital therapeutics, and the future of food and agritech. Founders receive reimbursement from Government export development programs.

R3i's network of Navigators and EIRs include seasoned international venture capitalists, experts in healthcare and diagnostics innovation, IP, brand protection and anti-counterfeit, big data, cybersecurity, research and development, and artificial intelligence. It's MedTech Station provides an exclusive Singapore-based IVD partner to deliver a personalised medicine innovation pathway for those seeking access to Asian races.

The House of MedTech program aims to create 120 new jobs per year, contributing to the up-skilling and inclusivity of the labour workforce, and drive equal opportunities across R3i's Digital Health and MedTech ecosystems. An annual impact report will measure its societal and economic outcomes.

Naluri, Peach Intellihealth, Meracle Health, Prosoma, Orbit Health, SmartBeings Zinncare, and Stratificare, were the first to test its programme's strength while in beta. Meracle Health was recently accepted into the healthcare incubation at Lux Fit 4Start in January.

"We have forged a working relationship with the Luxembourg Institute of Health to validate Naluri as a digital therapeutic for chronic disease prevention. This firmly positions our company on the pathway for reimbursement and international scale," states President, Dr Jeremy Ting.

"Through the House of MedTech incubation program, we have forged a working relationship with an esteemed PI at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. We can now validate our digital solution in the context of diabetes prevention on the continent. This puts us on a path to secure CE Mark regulatory approval, to accelerate our access to non-dilutive and smart capital in our latest funding round, and firmly positions our European HQ for international scale."

President and Co-founder, Dr Jeremy Ting.

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